Mockingbird practising various bird calls

May 4, 2009

The Northern Mockingbird is so called because it “mocks”, or imitates, the calls of other birds. We had a great opportunity of listening to one of these birds, practising, when we went for a walk to Forest Park last week.

KM decided to record some of it on “movie” mode on his little Fuji Finepix…and here’s the video:

The camera was aimed almost vertically upwards, so all you can see is silhouettes of the branches, and the bird.

It’s amazing…all those bird-calls are being made by that one bird, which you can see sitting in the upper part of the video (before you click, look just above the Youtube arrow)….! We heard even more variety, but couldn’t record everything!

Perhaps not as spectacular as this clip of the LYRE BIRD, the David Attenborough series…but wonderful, nevertheless!