other peoples LJs...

April 26, 2005

just went through other people’s LJ entries today….struck by the variety in people’s lives…one is lonely, another one sees a tiger kill a deer, one talks about Martin Friedman…I really do enjoy reading people’s blogs. It keeps me in touch with them without any effort.

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exercise isnt always possible....

April 23, 2005

I have an hour to spare, before I must dress up and go to visit two people in succession. But I can’t go for a walk as that would leave me dripping with sweat, and a bath wouldn’t really freshen me up. Neither can I go for a swim, as my eyes go red with the chlorine, and I couldn’t wear my contact lenses, without which I don’t feel dressed…so…here I am, sitting and wasting time on the internet….

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amazing coincidences...

April 22, 2005

Got a call from someone today, regarding the article I had written in the Deccan Herald about Quizfamilies, the monthly family quiz group I moderate….there have been several responses, many of whom actually turned up at this month’s quiz…..well, anyway, today the lady who called was brought up in Calcutta, has an only daughter who is married and in the US, the daughter is called Deepa but with a li attached at the end….we had a long conversation and I am thoroughly enjoying having many new people to meet!

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difficult situations...

April 17, 2005

two of your friends fall out….one continues in contact with you, the other moves far away, in more senses than one. The one close to you delights in giving details of how evil the other one is….and you can’t bring yourself to believe that someone whom you liked and respected so much can be really like that…the fallout causes ructions in a solid group that has been friends for years, and disrupts everything… love of money in business is indeed the root of a lot of evil. You don’t know whom to believe and it is upsetting to speculate every time you see the other friend.

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