Very interesting...

June 16, 2005

Funny thing…I go through so many LJs….it is like being surrounded by an articulate, multi-faceted group of people…I find it so fascinating that I keep forgetting to update my own LJ!

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June 11, 2005

Going through the wringer with the Honda City insurance…the local police station won’t take accident complaints, the one that does has a policeman who asks for rs. 500 to register the complaint, then it takes an hour to drive to the service place and another 2 hours to come back by auto through Blr’s beautiful traffic… most of the parts seem to be made of plastic for which only 40% of the insurance cost will be reimbursed….

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June 9, 2005

Went for a road trip to Munnar in Kerala, with 2 other families….the Mahindra resort is very plush, but lacks a good place for a daily walk. The interesting thing is that mobile phones don’t work there. It was a revelation watching the other adults coming to terms with non-communication for 4 days…absolute withdrawal symptoms!

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saw someone getting happy at last...

May 26, 2005

went and attended another play at Ranga Shankara, a very tentative effort after the last fiasco…this one wasn’t much better…I must say the general audience seems much more easily amused than I seem to be….I certainly find a great tendency to laugh at anything and everything, the more puerile the better….do people really want just mindless entertainment at the end of a long evening and a hard working day? and does “value-based” theatre have to be serious and earnest and no fun at all? Reminds me of Ayn Rand’s premise in “Night of January 16”….that entertainment and seriousness need not be divorced from each other..the only time I have ever agreed with Ayn Rand…I HATED “The Fountainhead”!

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another drive on my favourite road

May 24, 2005

Last week, took the Old Madras Road yet again….this road is evolving, and yet, at most places, retains its old-world charm, and manages at the same time to be one of the better-maintained highways I have travelled. This time, the heat was intense, but the upside was that, in the Kolar-Wallajah stretch, both sides of the road were ablaze with Gulmohar blooms in all shades of flaming red to pale orange….the Tamil Nadu stretches have beeen widened, and though they lack the beauty and picturesqueness of the old-style road, one can really zip on the new multilanes. Leave Chennai or Bangalore on a Sunday morning, at around 7 am, and one will be in the other city by abou 1pm….it would be shorter except for the bottlenecks after one hits the city.

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