August 2, 2005

When each of us uses a word, we seem to mean something that is different from what another person sees in it….I sometimes wonder how communication is possible at all!

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incredible amount of rain....

July 28, 2005

seeing the visuals on TV is amazing enough…but to be there must be really something else….I am impressed by the average Mumbaikar’s ability to stand firm in the face of the forces of nature.

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July 27, 2005

I was swimming in our building pool. As usual, to get around my fear of the water and also to prevent too much immersion of my nose in water (which results in allergic reactions) I was doing the backstroke. This has the added advantage that I can look at the various balconies of the flats as I go up and down, doing my laps. I ruminated….my hip pain was worse than usual. Walking that morning was not the greatest of pleasures, and walking has always been one of my joys. I was on the way to feeling sorry for myself, when I saw him. A young boy of about 12 or 13, standing on one of the balconies. Quiet boy, standing there motionless…on a pair of crutches. Was it an accident? Was it permanent? I didn’t know. But my self-pity vanished in an instant. What must it be like to be 12 and not be able to play in the evenings, to have to stand on the balcony and watch other children play? At 50, I can take some hip pain and lumps….

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Lounge bars....

July 24, 2005

Finally, because I had company, I went to Hypnos today…and I must say, the experience leaves me cold. The dance floor was practically non-existent; the food was good but very pricey; I don’t like liquor and it seemed as it it had rained heavily in my Pina Colada; and we could not hear a word of conversation through the thundering music (which was pretty good though.) I was told that lounge bars avoid the smoke and loud music and have an intimate atmosphere where you can listen to quiet music and have a convivial drink. My generation has another alternative to lounge’s called home. You put on (or sing) nice music, have a few drinks with good friends, and perhaps eat at home or go out…no smoke, no noise, no crowd of strangers….I am afraid I will never understand the point of lounge bars!

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July 22, 2005

A friend would not allow her daughter to slip the ring on her fiance’s finger at the engagement as “holding hands should only be done during the wedding”…the wedding is a few months in the future, and the two are going out together..and the daughter has been told not to hold hands. I offended the mother by suggesting they not hold hands even while kissing…the best part is that the young man put the ring on his fiancee’s finger, and the mother of the girl is denying what is on video record, saying that it was the priest who put the ring on…well, in that case, her daughter is engaged to the priest! ;-)

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