Wonderful to have good families....

November 22, 2005

Just established contact on Skype with my daughter’s mother in law on Skype and had a nice chat….how lovely it is that they are “just like us” and people whom we got along with famously from the first day 5 years ago that we met!

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Learnt a lesson...

November 21, 2005

Read the LJ post of ...and learnt a lesson. Am deleting a negative post which I had made, and trying to delete it from my mind and heart as well...it is a good lesson, not to give way to negative thoughts....I hope I will keep learning!

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November 17, 2005

Enjoyed the animation movie quite a lot…I did wonder what the dialogue would have been like in English! Great effort to bring mythology to the people, especially children. Alas, the theatre was sparsely populated….

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They make life difficult for you...

November 13, 2005

Most of our systems in India operate on tbe British Raj system..that is, we are in positions of some power or advantage, so let us harass the consumer and make things as difficult as possible. And how wonderful in today’s world…it’s not just true when WE have to collect money from them…it is even true when they are SELLING things.

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Why should this happen...

November 10, 2005

When I go to browser preferences and choose English each time, why, when I open LJ, am I faced with things like “Lekh sampaadith karen” and “kootshabd”….I don’t want my LJ in Hindi!!

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