The Internet still staggers me...

February 7, 2006

Suddenly realized that if I want people the world over to read my article in a local paper, I can just send the link…I used to physically carry copies of the newspaper once upon a time…

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Kitty party

February 6, 2006

I am not sure why I am not comfortable with kitty parties. Because of my frequent travelling, I am not a part of our building kitty;so today I decided that I would at least attend this one. There were no cards,and it was a pleasant afternoon, with a simple anagram game and housie. But once I get to know these women on a one-to-one basis, I don’t think I would be interested in being part of the scene….there is some sense of disconnect somewhere that I cannot put my finger on…I wonder..what is wrong with me? Why does the whole housewife scene not satisfy me, given that I am not a career person? The only reason I can quantify is the occasional cattiness I see when women with time on their hands congregate…and their tendency to take their self-worth from their husbands’ jobs and bank balances. Which reminds me of the cry from an elderly lady who lost her husband recently after 65 years of marriage…“who will respect me now?” In vain did I try to make her understand that she was herself as much as she was when her husband was alive, and that people would continue to respect her as before. Any thoughts on this, readers of my LJ?

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What to do when the editorial staff kill you?

February 4, 2006

I had done an article on and sent it to Deccan Herald...AFTER letting Kalyan himself go through it. I am rather particular that the subject of an article should not feel misquoted. Kalyan had this problem with the Mumbai press, and in his LJ he clearly mentions that he HATES being called an "IT professional". So I CAREFULLY avoided the phrase and sent it in.

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You can register for the Electoral Rolls

February 1, 2006

As I could not vote last time ( my name was not found in my old constituency) I decided to register afresh on the Election Commission website; it’s so convenient. You can register, too,if you live in Karnataka, at

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Of spellings and punctuation...

January 29, 2006

I wonder why the younger generation’s spellings are so…well…I feel like saying bad, but it would be better to say…different? We were taught that spelling was of paramount importance as was punctuation. We were given that classic example of how punctuation could invert the meaning of a sentence…

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