May 18, 2006

Just using a few minutes to quickly jot down things…the LOOOONG drive from Delhi to Binsar, longer that it would have been with just the two of us, as there was a ten year old with a bladder calling for frequent attention, and then frequent stops as all 3 of their family suffered from nausea….the landscape changing from arid to fertile…plenty of egrets sitting in the trees after we passed Rudrapur…a kingfisher near a canal….we reached at midnight and had some issues settling down.

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the rains...

May 16, 2006

It might be summer showers…it might be the pre-monsoon showers….but I do love the rain. The hot day wanes as the clouds come gathering in, grey and heavy with the promise of refreshing water… the air suddenly cools down, the breeze develops into a wind that drives the day’s dust before it…recently, we looked out of our balcony to see a funnel of dust coming out of the mouth of the yet-to-be-completed underpass of the Jayadeva Circle flyover…quite a sight!

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Magical Sunday morning...

May 14, 2006

Every weekend, I plan on visiting some forest reserve with whoever is going…and though the plans come to naught, in the process, the morning birdwatching session at Lal Bagh that I plan– also goes down the drain!

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