Today I saw an improved version on Southern Railways

June 9, 2006

Today I travelled back to Bangalore from Chennai on a new coach, and there have been many improvements. Seats are much better designed and that major no-no, stiff metal arm rests, have been changed to foldable armrests….a very big design improvment Today the seat next to me was empty and I could curl up and go to sleep, which I never could before in the days of armrests from hell. Obviously, the windows are all clean still. Alas, seat numbers are STILL on the top of the seat backs, and the TERRIBLE design of the toilets is still there(in THIS DAY AND AGE,we still have toilets that open directly on to the track, and if dirty matter falls on the track at point A, the flush water falls somewhere else, at point B, as the train travels) but the toilet certainly looks neater in design.

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Weather is important to me...

June 8, 2006

I am sitting in Chennai, and can’t move from under the fan because it is so hot and humid. I realize that to me, having good weather so that I can go out whenever I feel like, is pretty important. I love cold weather because I can be extra active and walk for miles…but hot weather, esp if it’s humid, makes me lethargic and slothful and I hate that. I can put on a few extra clothes in cold weather, but can’t peel off stuff when it’s warm..and the only exercise that’s pleasant is swimming, which I can’t always do.

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June 7, 2006

I am sure that outward looks don’t matter, what matters is the person within…but why, then, when I see/meet a good-looking person, do I want to talk to them more than to a non-good-looking person? The impulse subsides within a few minutes of exchanging a few words with the GLP, if even the voice doesn’t match..but why can’t I school myself out of this response?

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Metaphysics...and Word Play...

June 6, 2006

As I sat on my new chair, I knew the cushion wasn’t there, Nor seat, nor arms, nor legs, nor back… But I sat,ignoring things like that.

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