Oh my aching laptop...

December 4, 2006

Laptop crashes in a flash…but resuscitation (spelling?) takes such eons….as expected, the recovery disk given with the laptop would format the system so extensive backups had to be taken…now the machine still does not accept wifi and I am not able to send messages on the broadband account…feel frustrated, inexperienced, and…er….bugged!

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Amazing Hypnotist

December 2, 2006

This afternoon I went to the Bangalore Club to park (which I normally do when I have work in the centre of town; I park there, walk around, do my work, and come back.) and realized that a “mix of hypnotism and comedy” was being advertised by Gavin Hooper of Canada this evening…that totally intrigued me, and I went to the Club again in the evening, and persuaded KM to come from Hosur, too. When I went there, preparations were on for a DJ night…oh, I thought, I seem to have let both of us in for some tacky opening show, I thought.

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My poor laptop

November 30, 2006

I have a lovely Toshiba laptop that proved too heavy for KM’s travel needs, and I got it when he got himself a lighter one…and for nearly 4 years, it has worked extremely well. This morning, I tried to shut it down when clicking on the Zone Alarm prompt made the screen hang…and that’s it.

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