Christmas Trees

December 19, 2006

After reading 's post, I realized that I have never been comfortable with the idea of cutting down a tree just to use it as a decoration for a few days or weeks...when my sambandhis came over to India in 2000, I hunted and found a sparse, somewhat sad-looking conifer in a pot and decorated that....I knew they didn't like having an artificial one, and I didn't like a dead one, so that was the way I dealt with it....they were too polite to make the comparisons with the lush tree they would have had at home, and accepted the spirit of my having a Christmas tree and decorations for them.

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Indian/Italian/Jewish mother thing...

December 18, 2006

I seem to be waking up at about 5.30 am no matter where I am..and since we got back late last night and it is a Monday morning, I am now organizing packed lunch for DnA.

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Success with Flickr...Bird pics from St Louis Zoo

December 16, 2006

While I was trying to figure out Flickr on Linux and why the “uploadr” wouldn’t work, I noticed…that I could now EMAIL my pics to Flickr!!Wow! So here come the pictures of some birds that I took at St Louis Zoo, on the 14th of December…

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