January 4, 2007

Knowledge is the result of information subjected to analysis and synthesis..and, sometimes, a totally inexplicable process called “revelation” or “insight”.

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The Tournament of Roses Parade

January 2, 2007

This morning, woke up to watch the Tournament of Roses in Los Angeles parade on TV and was told that the actual parade was taking place hardly a mile away…and that the parade was being televised from its starting point. So on went the socks, shoes, sweater, jacket, coat, muffler, hat, gloves..and off we went to where we could see the parade halfway. To my great glee, I actually saw a few of the floats I had NOT seen on TV and we all found ourselves places in the crowd and watched the parade till the end. What lovely floats! There was one on Bears, one on Curly-haired horses, one on Mexico, on Nature’s Bounty, and so on…the profusion of flowers and the drummers and the marjorettes twirling their batons was just fantastic. Considering that I went so late, I did get a pretty decent view though of course Murphy’s Law mandated that there was a burly six-foot two in front of me who, when not hoisting his video camera on high, was either waving his arms about over his head, or had his nephew or someone like that on his shoulders….

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The LJ Jinx

January 1, 2007

I have been trying to meet so many LJ-ers…, (return times to his town \from Portland, Maine, didn't work) then (family/wedding commitments didn't leave us enough time to visit herin Hartford, enroute to our flight out of Boston), then (either we, or she, would have needed to do a 4 hour drive to meet) , and now, (who is too unwell to do the train ride to LA) and lastly, (who seems to be out of town and has not answered my messages so far though I am scheduled to visit her tomorrow) far, it's been unmitigated non-success....

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You want an OJ (Orrible Joke)?

December 30, 2006

We had taken the Shaffers to an Indian restaurant and they ordered both Saag Lamb (yes, that’s what it said in the menu!) and Badami Rogan Josh. A little while later, JS remarked, “Well, the conversation seems to have died down!” and I told him, that was the silence of the lambs…

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