Mini LJ meet

March 1, 2007
, ,, and me...Neer dosas and other stuff at Park View...such a lovely time, and we allowed KM, the only non-LJ-er, to participate too!
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Of creatures...

February 28, 2007

My wildlife experience is inextricably tied up with the several avid wildlifers I have met. Just now when I saw 's post about the Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, I instantly thought of ...even though HE now signs himself Elephas Maximus! So I was musing..and I realize that I think of some particular fauna when I see the names of some people...let me describe the associations at least with some LJ-ers!

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Very nice lady

February 27, 2007

Here’s a picture of one of our relatives (well, technically KM’s…but you know how it is, after 30 years of marriage, there are no YOUR relatives and MY relatives, only OURS)…a very hard-working lady who has stood by her husband’s business ups and downs, always lending a helping hand as well as coping with the household, with staunch affection.

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