Anjalis excellent collage of the Mason Wasp building her nest...And bad news for JLR

July 7, 2007

When I went to meet the people who were taking the Naturalists’ Training Program, at the JLR property in Bannerghatta in May this year, I found every one fascinated by the mud nest that a Mason Wasp (also called a Potter Wasp, for reasons obvious below) had built. She proceeded to lay her eggs and then brought a paralyzed caterpillar which she stuffed into the nest and sealed in, as food for the larva when it would hatch.

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Interesting, Not Interesting...

July 6, 2007

I read others’ entries on LJ for a long time before I opened my account..and even then, I was very sceptical about having a readership. I am a housewife; what could I be thinking, or doing, that would be of interest to anyone else?

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