October 5, 2007

Today, someone sent an email forward where a person who had turned 60, had written a set of behaviour rules for himself (ok, ok, politically correct..hesself or hirself.) Several of them impressed me a lot, but one that struck me profoundly was: “understand humility”.

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This whole business of RAW v. JPEG

October 3, 2007

In digital photography, one can shoot in one (or both) of two modes: RAW, or JPEG. The RAW image, as the name suggests, is the equivalent of the unprocessed non-digital image; it can be post-processed, the image sharpened, the colours adjusted, and so on….it occupies more space on the camera’s memory card

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Mahatma Gandhi....

October 2, 2007

Gandhi has been iconized and reduced to an arty few line-delineations and I wonder how many Indians even think of him as anything other than a portrait to be garlanded….

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