The Bannerghatta NTP Plus gathering...the non-bird (bug) part

October 16, 2007

I had already posted the pics of the Hawk Moth caterpillar (cognoscenti should call them “cats”, you know, but we ignoramuses still refer to the whole name!) when I realized that there were quite a LOT of “non-bird” pics that I wanted to post, and not wanting to burden my poor readers with a perfect avalanche of pictures, decided to do a separate post.

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Young and Old, Life and Death

October 13, 2007

Young people Value life less. It lies before them, unspent, Waiting to be squandered.. So a new cosmetic or a dress is “to die for” And an embarassing moment means, “I could have died”… And, indeed, they do kill themselves– Over emotions,disappointments,frustrations,desires.

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