Incredible afternoon...

January 20, 2008

Having had one of the most gut-wrenching days of our lives yesterday, we decided to go to the St Louis temple today, and we spent a quiet time there. When most of the devotees had left, the temple was deserted; I sang a few songs, and the priest blessed me as being “golden-voiced”, which I took with none of my usual gladness…the singing comforted DnA a lot, and we drove home fairly peacefully.

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January 19, 2008

In the consumer market in “developed” countries, there are no nouns without adjectives and adverbs…..and those, too, luscious and superlative adjectives and adverbs. Where does all the ordinary stuff ever go? There are no tomatoes, only “sun-dried tomatoes”. No fruit juice, only “bursting-with-vitamins” fruit juice. “Sun-kissed” oranges. “Mountain-fresh” apples. Even the cleaning fluid on the kitchen counter is “real-lemon fragrance”(if that thing has been near a lemon tree in its life I will eat my hat.)

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