Two images on a train.....

February 26, 2008

The wealthy traveller boards the train. The window is big and is not curtained, but the lights ensure that he doesn’t see much outside, and his attention is on the snowy napery, the shining cutlery, and the food to arrive:

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LJ Friends posts...

February 25, 2008

Coming back after several days’ absence is very tough on the LJ friends list, because I do want to read what every friend has posted. And all these friends always decide that they WILL post, and post utterly interesting stuff, the MINUTE I go travelling. I have to read and backtrack, and am still not sure that I might not have missed something….and of course, the worst is that with so many posts to read (and this BSNL broadband getting spottier all the time) I can’t respond and comment and debate….

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