The Kanakabhishekam

July 31, 2008

This was the first time I have seen a “kankAbhishEkam” performed before the person (OK, man!) actually turned 100; if you have seen a thousand full moons, or if you have seen the face of your son’s son’s son, you can have this celebration.

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July 29, 2008

I do love the art of “kOlam”….it’s called “rangOli” in the north, but is executed very differently, and the designs are very different, too.

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KanakAbhishEkam, and the only birding I did in Hyderabad

July 28, 2008

Having gone for my friend’s “100th birthday” in Hyderabad …well, he is my father’s friend and engineering college classmate (Benaras Hindu University in the early 1940’s…but today he is as much my friend and KM’s, because he likes his peg of whiskey, can walk any of us into the ground with his 10 to 15 km walks…and he jokes about anyone and anything, fearlessly…“even life imprisonment or a death sentence doesn’t mean much to me now!” he quips, beaming at 87!)

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