North Indian Music Festival

September 19, 2008

The Bangalore Kidney Foundation has been doing excellent work for many years now; as part of their fundraising, they have the annual Dhwani Music Festival.

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Am I becoming too tolerant?

September 18, 2008

I often find posts from friends where they talk about pet peeves, things they detest, and I find myself looking on the other side a lot…if they grouse about English usage, I think to myself, the language has to evolve, and sometimes it won’t evolve to suit our tastes; but at other times, ‘tat’ and ‘u’ and other sms lingo does bug me!…if they grouse about man-animal conflict, and how the animals are being victimized, I think of the poor villagers who can only see that the leopard will lift their cattle and goats. When children complain about parents, I see the parents’ view, when it’s parents doing the complaining, I can clearly see what it is that puts children out of sync with their parents.

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Colourful Rangoli

September 17, 2008

Most religious and social functions are accompanied by the adornment of the venue by “kOlam” or “rangOli”…but I have not before seen such beautiful use of vibrant colours for a “hOmam” or sacrificial fire worship.

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