Cataract surgery + laser surgery update, 060415

April 6, 2015

So…one MORE visit to the eye clinic to find out why I am misty-eyed at the end of 3 weeks after cataract surgery. Apparently, as a result of the surgery, some separation of the vitreous humor from the retina has taken place (in both eyes.). Either I will have to live with it, or the vitreous humor might “shrink” and my sight will improve “in a few months.” So much for the clinic counsellor’s blithe words, “No risk madam! Absolutely no risk!” The retinal tear in my left eye, accelerated as a result of the surgery, has been “stitched” by laser surgery. What are the chances of its occurring in the other eye as well? Cannot be estimated.

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Make LiveJournal Live Again

April 3, 2015

LJ, for me now consists only of a handful of friends, and it’s just sheer persistence that keeps me going, especially since it doesn’t even “open” for me most days. But here’s an appeal from the LJ team:

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