My poor MLC...

March 26, 2009

Mr Thomas finally said he couldn’t get spares for my wonderful MLC, the Canon S3 IS…so I am off to the Canon Service Centre on Brigade Road, to see if THEY can get whatever part it is that needs to be replaced….

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Odds, anyone?

March 25, 2009

If you were the driver (or the “cleaner”) of a lorry, what would you do with this box?

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A Cashewal Post....

March 24, 2009

I suddenly decided to take Madhusmita, a friend whom I met on the JLRNTP egroup, and who has become quite close, to the Bannerghatta Zoo area this morning…..

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Scenes from Bannerghatta Forest area, 210309

March 23, 2009

Though the birds kept us occupied, our mission (Ramesh, Geetanjai, Anush and I…all NTP members) was to try and identify a village to develop homestays in, and to try and develop bird trails and train some of the village youth to act as bird guides, giving them both revenue and a reason to protect the birds and the environment. We have been somewhat successful…

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