Butterfly id-ing Expertise levels

July 29, 2017

Butterfly id’ing, expertise levels.

  1. Playschool: Pwetty yellow buttefwy.
  2. LKG: Emigrant.
  3. UKG: Common Emigrant.
  4. School level: Oriental Lemon Emigrant.
  5. Undergraduate: Catopsilia sp ,Oriental Lemon Emigrant.
  6. Master’s degree: Catopsilia pomona,Oriental Lemon Emigrant.
  7. Doctorate: Catopsilia pomona pomona, Oriental Lemon Emigrant.
  8. Post-doctoral research: Catopsilia pomona pomona Fabricius, 1775, Oriental Lemon Emigrant.
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Blr-Pollachi-Anamalai-Top Slip, 100717 and part of 110717

July 20, 2017

Adnan and Sarrah, who are two of the most impressive young people, with unbounded talent only matched by their humility about those talent, invited me along on their trip to the places mentioned above, and I jumped at the offer…such great places to visit, and such great company to do the trip with!

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The Nano graveyard....

July 15, 2017

We went on a nature/birding walk to Kalena Agrahara today, and skirted the lake at IDBI Bank Layout. I was amazed to see several Nano cars parked, and rusting in the monsoon weather.

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