Some more stuff from my walks.....

July 23, 2009

As I walk in Forest Park, so many images fall on my mind’s eye, and only a few of them are on camera. This post is mostly for myself, to look at later and recreate those magical evenings when the light melted into the purple dusk, the air held a hush, and I felt totally at peace….

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A Leaf Is A Calendar, But Sometimes....

July 21, 2009

I have always found it interesting that in India, leaves are red and lack chlorphyll when they are young and new; whereas in the US, it is the dying leaves that turn glorious colours. But whichever way it is, leaves act as calendars…if you see a picture of your American friend, with multi-coloured leaf-filled trees in the background, you know it is the fall season there.

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Three birds in about eight minutes....

July 20, 2009

Today, I was a little homesick, and I didn’t get up in time for my morning walk… so I decided that I would spend some time in Forest Park as the weather was just lovely. I packed a couple of sandwiches and some tomato juice, and after tramping around…

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