March 4, 2010

I seem to think no “useful”, profound thoughts….am not out to change the world, except in the areas where it impinges where I live…I want to walk, not take the car, live simply… but I don’t see the need to change everyone….I don’t have a powerful job (I don’t have ANY job!)…I seem to be always contented with small pleasures, small joys….I have no great achievements to look back upon….suddenly, I’m wondering if I’m missing something in life…

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No photos...

March 3, 2010

Since yesterday, none of the photographs I’ve uploaded to my Photobucket account have shown up there…don’t know what’s wrong, and don’t know how to rectify it, either!

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The Passport Photo

February 28, 2010

Now that KTB (Kavya-The-Biddles)’s other documents (er, birth certificate, and what else I don’t know) have arrived, we decided to get her passport photo as step 1 of applying for her passport. (Step 2 involves both parents and child going personally to the Post Office and submitting completed forms.)

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