The Memphis Temple Concert, 270310

March 30, 2010

I’m sorry, I was so tense going into the temple, that I didn’t take any of my usual “surroundings” photographs that I usually do. And then, of course, I handed over the camera to D to take some shots (and I must say, half of the time I was in the temple, I seemed to be eating…the dinner on the 26th evening was Tamizh cuisine, the lunch on the 27th was Andhra cuisine, and dinner that day was Kerala cuisine….I didn’t waste a scrap of food, it all went to waist instead!)

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Faith and Rationality....

March 29, 2010

…The two…just don’t mix, I think. Faith, by definition, is the act of believing in something from the heart; the brain has nothing to do with this. And so I often find that attempts by rationalists and people of faith to find common ground are doomed even before they start.

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