Drama of death and dismemberment

September 16, 2015

As we meandered through Lalbagh on Sunday (2nd Sunday outing of the Bird Watchers Field Club..we didn't stay with the group very long, though!)…we came upon this jumping spider, which landed on the ground by us, on a long thread of silk.

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September 4, 2015

The air rapidly cools. The wind blows, and the smell of the waiting earth Fills the air, as The first heavy raindrops fall. Soon (monsoon) it’s a heavy downpour Washing the dust off the leaves, Muddying the roads… My heart swells with emotion As I come out of my home To stand in the street, Face turned up to the clouds Letting the rain soak my face. The monsoon touches a place deep in my heart. My longing for the rain, too, is washed away. I think love is like the monsoon; Little acts of affection Nourish the yearning heart Wash away the pain of many small hurts, And make joy bloom into smiles Of pure, deeply-felt joy.

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