Being contrarian to a contrarian....

August 21, 2010

Someone I know just announced a photography workshop, and to underscore the fact that this workshop will be different from, and probably diametrically opposite to, conventional workshops, this quote by

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The houseboat experience...

August 20, 2010

I’ve only stayed on a houseboat in Kashmir before, so I was looking forward to our stay on one in Kerala. Overall, though, the experience was not as delightful as it should have been; the main factors being the somewhat tacky houseboat we had, and the high cost of the rental. Apparently the owner of the houseboat said that we’d have to take the entire houseboat (it was a two-bedroom one) and KM agreed (I wouldn’t have!) But the second room was not even cleaned…and our room was small, cramped, and the little cockroach I saw scuttling along didn’t come under the heading of wildlife!

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Nature..and Mythology

August 19, 2010

Indian mythology is replete with the most interesting tales…interesting, that is, in terms of the behaviour of the humans, gods and demons that are the characters in the tales. And a conversation today, with Karthik gave me two parallels between Nature and mythology!

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