Post from someone in the cycling egroup....

September 4, 2010

“…rode to Pearl Valley where the monkeys stole what little food that we had carried.Went to the hotel that opened at 10:30 and had breakfast.Came out to meet the RVCE group that had just arrived,and to find that our bikes had been butchered by the monkeys.

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Every time theres a change...

September 3, 2010

Technology…..keeps on happening; ways of doing things keep changing. And we always have the people who insist that the old way of doing that thing is, without doubt, the better way.

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Sights on the Chennai-Bangalore highway

September 2, 2010

Whether moving or stationary, some things have the power to bring my trusted MLC out to record them….instead of just me enjoying these things, I can share them with others, too.

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Facing Death....

September 1, 2010
had posted about facing death, and worrying about the death of her parents. This is what I said in reply:
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