Experimentation and Understanding others point of view...

October 12, 2010
and I were having a long chat veered to psychic and occult experiments. He expressed the following reservations about seances and such experiments, saying that he'd read a book, which said that "just like precautions ought to be taken before any other kind of experiment, precautions ought to be taken in case of occult experiments too. He completely was against the concept of 'fooling' around with occult, without proper knowledge, especially about the consequences.
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Wish you the very best....

October 11, 2010

Today (well, it’s JUST about today in St.Louis), is taking up a new job, after ten years at the old one...here's wishing him the very best!

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Natures Jewellery

October 10, 2010

A lovely trip to Hesserghatta, which once used to be the lake that was the water source for Bangalore, left me satisfied ….and though the lake (well, an almost-dry lake-bed now, compared to the full lake I’ve seen two decades ago) is known more for its raptors, one of the creatures that enthralled me was this

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