The Barn Owl

December 23, 2010

We used to have five Barn Owls roosting in one of the ventilation shafts of our apartment building, several years go. Residents complained about their constant chirring all night, and the fact that half-eaten rodents were dropped in the basement. So the building association set some poisoned meat for them and one of the Owls died. I then explained to as many of the residents as I could meet, how the owls were actually controlling the rat population in the neighbourhood. As compromise, we blocked off the entrance to the ventilation shaft with a wire mesh. The residents were happy with this solution, I was happy that the owls would not be poisoned…but sad that I couldn’t see these beautiful birds.

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Had a few Christmassy minutes to waste....

December 21, 2010
On the twelfth day of Christmas, <img src="" height=17 width=17>deponti sent to me...
Twelve <img src="" height=17 width=17>raviks drumming
Eleven <img src="" height=17 width=17>asakiyumes piping
Ten <img src="" height=17 width=17>sunsons a-leaping
Nine <img src="" height=17 width=17>dammitimmads dancing
Eight <img src="" height=17 width=17>haricools a-milking
Seven <img src="" height=17 width=17>brainzs a-quizzing
Six <img src="" height=17 width=17>srinirams a-writing
Five <img src="" height=17 width=17>skthe-e-e-ewimps
Four languages
Three books
Two cryptic crosswords
...and an art in a poetry.
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