Manchinabele, 020111

January 5, 2011

After a very long time, we had a local BULBs (Bangalore Urban LadyBirders) outing (it was beginning to seem as if they went only on international trips!), and we decided to go to Manchinabele Reservoir.

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Still feeling very down...

January 3, 2011

Our mutual friends arrived from Chennai, and things have been both hectic and very depressing…went this morning to the neighbours’ place, and the body was taken to the crematorium after performing some of the last rites (the son usually performs the rest at the crematorium and then consigns the mortal remains to the flames.)

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How the day can change...

January 2, 2011

Had been to Manchinbele with the BULBs, and it was a very enjoyable outing. On the way back, however, I got the news that some neighbours of ours, who live three doors away, had a major setback..the husband, who was 65, collapsed after a massive heart attack, and passed away. The wife is nearly 60.

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K.Gudi, BR Hills, 27,28 and 291210

January 1, 2011

It was lovely to be able to introduce our family to the forests of Karnataka, even though the driving had them scared stiff at times…people from the US can’t cope with unruly traffic…they are too used to ruly conditions :)

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