A grim war.....

March 14, 2011

A group of NTP members…Radha, Shreeram, Tharangini, and I…decided to bear off our Guru-G, Karthik, to Valley School on Sunday morning, and one of the highlights of the trip was a desperate battle that we witnessed.

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Valley School, 130311

March 13, 2011

Alas, I have to agree that it’s FAR simpler to post photographs (hi res, too!) and write the narrative on Facebook, than it is to post the pics to Photobucket, caption them, copy and past to LJ, and then write the text!

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Moving out,moving on....

March 12, 2011

When, in a relationship or a business partnership, is it a good time to move out? The answer, I think, is never…is there ever a good time to announce that you are done with something that was good, but isn’t (at least, to you) any more? No time is a good time. Such an announcement is always greeted with surprise, dismay, anger or even emotional (or organizational) blackmail (or sops in the form of increased pay or perks)….but I have yet to see many instances of the party of the other part taking a breakup on any kind in a good and mature spirit, accepting that yes, indeed, the time has come to move on.

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