Spots...and stripes...

May 19, 2011

No, we didn’t get that “apex of sightings” (according to the Artificial Heirarchy of Jungle Sightings, developed by wildlife tourists)…no stripes. But on two of the three safaris we went on, we spotted spots. Here’s Panthera pardus, giving us a profile pose, nonchalantly:

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How to underpay a freelance writer

May 18, 2011
  1. Suggest a rate of payment when that author starts writing for you. For five years, never increase the rate, during which time period, the cost of living has shot up incredibly. Compare the price of petrol between 2006 and now, in India…or the cost of, say, tuvar dal.
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Hardly any time...

May 17, 2011

Had to go to Chennai for some Orrible Essential Paperwork and got back just now. My laptop was not able to pick up on the cable internet in Chennai.

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Kabini, 14 and 150511

May 16, 2011

It was an incredibly eventful trip,apart from the stupendous variety of sightings and observations we had at Kabini….what events, you ask?

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