Games that we play....

June 29, 2011

Being a large family has some great advantages; playing games (alas, until 2 am each morning) is great fun and we don’t need any other form of entertainment at all!

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A 4G photograph....

June 27, 2011

Derek’s dad Jim (who lives in Portland, Maine) and grand-dad Bob (who lives two hours away, near Daytona Beach, Florida…Jim’s visiting him for a week) drove over to visit us at Kumar’s place, and it was a memorable moment to see four generations of Shaffers on the couch:

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Out of the aircraft window.....

June 26, 2011

I always love having the window seat, but on the flight from St.Louis to Orlando, I got only an aisle one. Yet, as I saw the sun sinking in oranges and reds, I started aiming the camera….and the gentleman in the window seat (the middle one was vacant, luckily!), a paralegal from Orlando, asked me if I’d like the window. I accepted with alacrity!

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Ocala, Florida 250611

June 25, 2011

We got here very late and this morning, got up to find the house full of immediate and extended family….and it feels good to catch up with everyone again….some of my relatives I am meeting again after long years!

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