Transcendental Meditation...and sales techniques

May 17, 2016

I have a friend who completed the course to teach transcendental mediation. He seems extremely impressed by it, and he’s someone whose thinking processes I respect. Therefore, though I had tried learning the meditation many years ago (I found the initiation very lackadaisical and superficial) I decided to take up the offer he made, to teach the first five people who responded to his FaceBook post, for free.

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Find Nature in a public park....

May 12, 2016

One doesn’t have to visit distant forests or wildlife sanctuaries in order to find the beauties of Nature…a visit to the local park will do just as well. Here’s what I did on a recent morning visit to Lalbagh.

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Silence and screams

May 8, 2016

Do not be angry If you are met With silence from another. You may not know what screams Echo in the silence of that person’s soul. Screams, not uttered,unheard But no less a torment To that other one, Who cannot, through those screams Hear your words, or sounds. I wish we could speak and hear From soul to soul, heart to heart, Instead of from mouth to ear, and ear to mouth.

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