Machan, Ragihalli, 120616

June 16, 2016

It would be nice to climb above The level of the ground; To sit amongst the boughs and sway With the breeze’s sighing sound.

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June 9, 2016

The air cools rapidly, and the light dims as boiling, heavy clouds boil over the landscape. The breeze builds rapidly into a wind, whipping up the summer dust, lashing the palm fronds into a frenzy. The first huge drops splash upon the parched ground.

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Thoughts about childhood

June 7, 2016

Everyone talks about the wonderful days of childhood, and wants to be a child again. But just think about it. One has no control over anything in one’s life…where one lives, what one eats, right down to the small details…everything is decided by Somebody Else, even if that person is the child’s own parent.

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