Conversation on Philosophy

October 14, 2011

One of the things I did in college was to return my Economics books after a couple of months, and change my elective subject to Philosophy. The reason, then, was very simple; I found Philosophy interesting, and Economics less so. But…it meant that I had a liberal education before the term was invented…… it’s been a lifelong companion, this study (more often, musing) of philosophy. However, so many arguments for the different types of philosophy are compelling and acceptable, that i have come to being an agnostic. I do not know what is true (I suppose no one ever can know)…but though I do not like rituals any more, to me, agnosticism is not ……not knowing what to believe, but…willing to accept that any philosophical view may be valid, What I feel is…I simply do not know enough to embrace any one form of philosophy. And so often, philosophy shades into religion…so that, too, is a grey area for me.

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Returns and exchanges....

October 13, 2011

I called them on Magic Jack, and we came on to Gtalk video….which, alas, had no audio at all. But meanwhile, D was organizing to donate some stuff to the Kidney Foundation, and this seemed to include a Kid, if not the Ney….

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LJ difficulties

October 9, 2011

I am finding it harder and harder to post here. Either I can’t post, or it’s too slow…and though my stats tell me that plenty of people are reading the posts, all I get is one…or two comments. The old days of exchange of viewpoints, and debate, seem gone for ever. And the spam…I am getting more and more and more spam, from faux LJ ids and others, too. Since I have so many people (presumably) still reading my posts, I don’t want to convert this to a “friends-only” blog, either.

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