Conservation India...

April 9, 2012

A very enjoyable trip to Gir (even though often fraught wich too much eventfulness for my liking…being slapped on the head by an arrogant guard at the Somnath temple, and nearly missing our flight back to Bangalore because of an incompetent cab driver….made sure I could just about find time to check my email, and not post anything to LJ…but a recent photo of mine is on the Conservation India photo gallery (I don’t know if they accept all photos or not)..

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The Rain Tree

April 3, 2012

Why is it called “Rain” When it flowers in the hot sun? By the time the monsoon arrives The flowering is done.

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April 2, 2012

The second day of the waxing phase (shukla paksha) of the moon is always very difficult to see, but this time, as we were coming back from Bheemeshwari (Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary) last Saturday (the 24th of March), we came to the small village of Muthathi, and found the villagers standing around, pointing at the western sky. When I asked some of them, they took the trouble to explain that this moon, after the Kannada New Year,was considered an auspicious sighting. So I too took aim and sighted the dwitheeya, or the second day of Chandra:

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