Thoughts on Mothers Day....

May 13, 2012

First of all, here's a post from one of the Grandmother's Day:

click here for it

….and here's the photo, one of my favourites….

Whether one is a mother from one's body, or one's heart (I've had a couple of children that I didn't personally give birth to, but who grew in my heart), caring for a young one is one of the most difficult, satisfying and frustrating tasks, in the whole world….

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Our educational system.....

May 11, 2012

News report:

'The "portions" set for the exams were from "A" to "M" but the questions asked were about "T"…that was out of syllabus…several students said that if the letter had been "P" they would have done outstandingly well,  pissed, sorry,  passed with flying colours and even given a practical demonstration.'

(Thanks to Hari Menon for some of the above.)

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May 10, 2012

I loved the triangles that make up this image of the house opposite ours in St.Louis…..

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A stalwarts words....52 years ago

May 10, 2012

I could not let this wonderful interview go into the mists of the Internet, so I’ve saved it on my blog. Those of you who are not interested in Carnatic music, wait for my next post!

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Two videos of KTB singing Tamizh songs....

May 7, 2012

She’s always been fond of “pAttu pAdavA”, an old Tamizh movie song. So when she suddenly decided to put Wally the walrus to sleep (on top of a measuring scale, for some reason), I asked her to sing a lullaby and she sang the song instead!

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