July 5, 2012

I am just below “good” in everything that I do. Writing,sketching, photography, music, quizzing, learning….and I am repeatedly told, “You can do so much better at x, y, z…why don’t you realize your potential?”

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Developing forms of communication

July 5, 2012

!. Communication in the line of sight or hearing. Sign language, speech.

  1. Communication beyond the line of sight or hearing. Written language.
  2. Communication, instantly, by aural means,beyond the line of sight. Telegraph, telephone.
  3. Communication, instantly, by aural and visual means, beyond immediate sight or hearing, only one way. Television.
  4. Communication, instantly, as above, and conversation across the world. Internet, email.
  5. Communication, and conversation, as above, with photographs. Attachments, digital images, video/audio phone networks.
  6. Communication, and conversation as above. Blogs.
  7. Communication, and conversation, on a wider platform. Social networking sites.
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Impending separation

July 4, 2012

I put her to sleep…I think she’s off And slowly slide from the bed… Oh no, she’s not, she raises Her curly-tangled head. When her arms go round my neck, A tiny voice whispers in my ear, “Deepamma, don’t go away!” I want to spend forever here…. Children are the sweet tendrils That wind themelves around your heart. It wrenches me, each time I have To tear myself apart.

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Beauty everywhere...

July 3, 2012

To most gardeners, insects on their plants means bad news, and something that must be dealth with drastically.

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