Guru Purnima.

July 23, 2013

September 5th is usually celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India, but a lot of people are thinking of their preceptors today, which is Guru Purnima. Here are my thoughts…

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The sleeping angel

July 19, 2013

Throughout the evening, after she returned from daycare, she troubled me. Didn’t want to wash her hands or feet…didn’t want to start, or finish, her dinner…kept pushing me to see how far I’d go…I was exhausted by the time her father took her upstairs to brush her teeth and go to sleep. Between her and her baby brother, the noise level was enormous, too…

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Why LJ is dead as a dodo for me

July 19, 2013
  1. Most of the friends who were on LJ have moved on.
  2. All the comments, debates and conversations have ceased. I find FaceBook a place where all this happens now.
  3. Some days, I am not able to even open LJ. If I do, I am sometimes not able to post. If I can, I am not able to see friends’ posts, or comment on them. Sometimes I can’t even reply to the rare comment that someone leaves on my post.
  4. I think that spammers are the only visitors I have. My stats have recorded 190 unique visits yesterday, 160 today. ONE comment, and 80 spam comments (in Japanese, mostly, nowadays.)
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