Jaipurdoddi trip, 110717

June 12, 2017

What started out as a plan with 3 people rapidly developed into an outing with 15 other people! It was a very enjoyable outing to Ragihalli and then to Jaipurdoddi.Here they all are, at the MCS (Mandatory Chai Stop) where the group meet each other.


There was not much interaction as we were driving through the reserve forests of Ragihalli and then Jaipurdoddi; but we all stopped at the Ragihalli sheet rock IMG_4659 IMG_4660 The prehistoric dolmen, or burial site, can be seen. I often feel that even if I am not buried in this beautiful spot, my spirit is likely to be wandering around here! Since there were two very young women, Akansha and Aadya, who were coming from quite far away (they were very punctual, too!) I woke up at 4 am to make veN pongal for everyone. IMG_4670 I served it with that most healthy of foods...potato chips! Everyone enjoyed it, to my delight. As we drove to Jaipurdoddi, the rampant granite quarrying caught my eye once again and I hoped that our petitions to the government are fruitful in checking the depradation of our hillsides. IMG_4672 Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker IMG_5586 We stopped several times before reaching the reserve forest, and at one place, this Oriental Garden Lizard was hoping to catch some sun in the cloudy weather. IMG_4674 This particular tree, alone, at Jaipurdoddi, was replesendent in new foliage. IMG_4676 As the monsoon clouds cleared (we still do not have adequate rainfall), I saw this strange cloud formation...seems like a ear in the sky! IMG_4679 Tiny blue Evolvulus flowers grew along the ground. IMG_4682 I photographed very few birds, leaving them to the DSLR bazookas. IMG_4694 Here's the Large Cuckooshrike: IMG_4686 An Oriental Honey Buzzard, surveying the territory for prey: IMG_4696 An Ashy Drongo: IMG_4700 A Black-rumped Flameback, amongst the bushes: IMG_4705 I call these two Spotted Owlets "Asleep" and "Awake"! IMG_4778 Aadya, who sketches what she observes, made this drawing of the Spotted Owlet, calling it James Bond! IMG_4752 This short stretch of the reserve forest is very scenic (with, alas, a terrible road!) IMG_4706 The fleecy clouds and blue skies later dissolved into cloudy grey again. IMG_4707 Everywhere, Pavetta indica (Indian pavetta) bushes were in full bloom. IMG_4709 Here are some Vitex negundo (Medicinal nishad) flowers: IMG_4737 We wound up near the tiny lake just beyond the forest stretch, full of muddy water after the rains. I caught some of the others standing in the shade of a beautiful Banyan. IMG_4730 IMG_4732 Several butterflies kept all of us riveted for a while, watching and trying to capture them on camera. IMG_4756 Common Leopard IMG_4721 Yellow Pansy: IMG_4758 Tawny Coster: IMG_4765 Pioneer: IMG_4774 Common Lime: IMG_4770 Common Emigrant: IMG_4733 I'm glad there are no dogs in the forest, or else Aadya and Akansha would have to stop for every one! Here they are petting one at a farmer's home. IMG_4768 We wound up with a thatte iddli brunch at Manjunath's Ragihalli Fine Dining. IMG_4785 </lj-cut> eBird list from Ragihalli is here and the list from Jaipurdoddi is here Butterflies Blues, various Cerulean, Common Coster, Tawny Crimson Tip Crow, Common Eggfly, Danaid Emigrant, Common Emigrant, Mottled Jezebel, Common Lime. Common Orange-tip, White Pansy, Lemon Pansy, Yellow Rose, Common Rose, Crimson Tiger, Dark Blue Tiger, Plain Tiger, Striped Yellow, Spotless Grass Yellow, Three-spot Grass Let me leave you with a "Leopard sighting"! IMG_4725