Another walk, 230217

February 23, 2017

Another walk from my daughter’s home to mine. It’s never the same… this time: my usual lane completely dug up by an excavator, with pedestrians inching along the trash-filled edges; boiled corn and peanuts being readied in pushcarts for the evening; lots of people sipping tea or filterkaapi at the darshinis; a young couple, completely engrossed in each other across the handlebars of the young man’s scooter; an old lady peering up into a lime tree to see if she can pluck some fruit; a man cutting a blind boy’s fingernails; an old man in a car looking sourly at the two-wheeler antics of the youth in front of him; maids returning home at the end of their working day; the ironing lady getting piles of clothes ready; jacaranda blossoms, and mahogany leaves, piling up and swirling at my feet in the breeze… the walk just goes past in a flash.