Birding on the first day of 2017, Ramnagara

January 2, 2017

Just four of us: Jayashree, Padma, Ramaswamy and I…went to


for some evening birding, and to see the critically endangered

Long-billed Vultures

at the betta.

On the way, we saw three Spotted Owlets in a tree.


IMG_4863 The beautiful rocky outcrops welcomed us in the evening sunlight. IMG_4878 IMG_4882 Usually, the gates to the hill are closed, but on this day, they were open, and I clicked several cars coming down after the passengers had visited the rAmA temple at the top. IMG_4956 We saw a couple of Egyptian Vultures first: IMG_4884 and we were also able to locate their nest. IMG_4909 and then I saw this Short-toed Snake Eagle perched high on the edge of the cliff. IMG_4892 IMG_4885 It then treated us to a flight display as well: IMG_4926 Muniyappa, a young boy from the nearby settlement, came to join us. He was quite good at spotting birds, too. IMG_4906 Jai lent him her binoculuars. IMG_4880 Finally, a lone Long-billed Vulture IMG_4971 came out on to the ledge and preened itself, delighting all of us. The sun sank behind the hills on the opposite side, IMG_4896 and I captured Jai against the moon and Venus. IMG_4971

We stopped at Bidadi for

thatte iddli


on the way home, and though Jai had to do some marathon driving through the choked highway, we returned home content with our evening’s birding!

Pics on my FB album