Just two leaves left on the daily calendar....

December 29, 2016

I look at my daily calendar, And feel a sense of closure When I see that there just two leaves left To tear off, with the passage Of each day. It then occurs to me That it’s only we humans Who seem to thus divide Time Into comparments, and mark Endings and beginnings. Time flows continuously in Nature: The days, nights, weeks and seasons Follow each other at the same pace. If I can let go of my need To compartmentalize Time, I need not think of what’s ending And what’s beginning. But, perhaps… Taking stock of my life At regular intervals Is not a bad thing to do. So yes, I will tear off the two leaves Left on my daily calendar. I will hang up a new one, And watch the progress of the new year: See it slip past, day by day, Much as the old one went, And the ones before that.