Mysore visit, 171116

November 18, 2016

We drove down to



amusing ourselves on the way.



Does that remind you of the onion minarets of the Kremlin? We reached Mysore and went to Nalpak restaurant for lunch. Here's the jOwAr rOti (rotis made with maize) thAli: IMG_1492 Looking at some of the graceful architecture IMG_1498 and the majestic trees IMG_1500 We went to the Mysore Palace. IMG_1508 IMG_1513 IMG_1514 Horse-carriages waited to give the tourists joyrides. IMG_1503 Here's Krishna dancing on Kaliya the serpent at the entrance: IMG_1505 It was lovely to see some temple gopurAs with moss and the patina of age: IMG_1506 This is the swEtha varAha swAmy temple: IMG_1515 The architecture of the Palace, a combination of Hindu and Islamic styles (true to the broadmindedness of the Wodeyar rulers) is remarkable. IMG_1518 IMG_1519 IMG_1523 K1 and K2 walked around the palace with us, looking at the many treasures, but they were also glad to be able to play around in the open air afterwards, and go for camel rides. IMG_1525 It was nice to see many other people enjoying the sights and sounds, and sometimes, just sitting contemplatively. IMG_1521' </lj-cut> After seeing the Palace at an unhurried pace, we had a snack-dessert kind of meal at the excellent Pearl outdoor diner IMG_1537 The father is pouring chocolate sauce over the Brownie Sizzler, and several spoons were dug into it! We drove back home, well-satisfied with our day. This is the first exposure the children have had to the heritage of the state and country they live in.