Upon viewing a Chloropsis

October 27, 2016

I go thinking that I’ll see a nice bird, that’s the Beliefbird; I finally spot a bird that others have seen five minutes ago, that’s the Reliefbird; There’s one bird that’s the highlight of the morning, that’s the Chiefbird;
There’s one that I fail to see, that’s the Griefbird; There’s the bird that steals my heart, that’s the Thiefbird; I spot a bird for just a few seconds, that’s the Briefbird; The bird that poops on my head, that’s the Mischiefbird….

…Why don’t the ornithologists list all these, along with the Leafbird!

IMG_6163 Leafbird, Kaiga, 11 Jan 2016.

Line 6 by Vikram Hiresavi, Line 7 by Adnan Raja.