Lalbagh Walk for Divya, 25 Sept 2016

September 28, 2016

I was requested by Irina Ghose and Gopal to conduct a nature/birding walk at Lalbagh for their daughter Divya, who was celebrating her birthday.

I reached there early:


And got in some early-morning images:


This vendor of wheat-grass juice has his own power supply! IMG_6793 We gathered most of the group together for a "landmark" shot: IMG_6796 And off we went. We started with the commonest of birds, the Blue Rock Pigeon: IMG_6768 and the Black Kite (here, a silhouette in the sky): IMG_6755 At the lake, we saw a Little Egret and a Purple Heron: IMG_6801 A Purple Swamphen: IMG_6809 A Common Moorhen: IMG_6813 A White-throated Kingfisher looked out over the rose garden. IMG_6830 The Spotted Owlets didn't seem too enthused to see me back again with another group: IMG_6823 It was very nice to see several of the children jotting down the birds' names: IMG_6832 The birds were not the only beautiful things around! IMG_6835 Some of the historic structures in the park also seemed lost in green dreams of long ago: IMG_6839 In the middle of the cultivated gardens I did find some tiny, exquisite wildflowers. IMG_6848 Here's everyone at the end of the walk, they seemed to have had a good time! IMG_6846 Divya cut her birthday cake, which attracted a few more children. IMG_6851

I left the children and the adults celebrating in the park, one of the jewels of our city


More photos in the FB album


and the eBird list is


I do enjoy such walks a lot!