September 3, 2016

I see you moving in haste To get the next thing That will ease your husband’s pain Just a little bit. Night and day, you manage so many things: Your job, your suffering in-laws, parents, and others. Your household, visitors.. Your own pain, that you do not talk of. You show him a smiling face, always. You did all this through the years, Twenty years ago; For the past eight months, With less and less to sustain your hope, You have continued to be a rock of support To your ill spouse…cocooning him in your love And selfless care. Yet, you’ve also found time To visit other friends during important times In their lives.Your generosity, your large heart, The incredible amount of hard work… I cannot even begin to be like you. I can only admire the wonderful person you are, And be intensely grateful that you are my friend Since that first day I saw you, as a bride… You learnt music from me, but you have taught me So much over the years. I truly believe that, like Savitri, You would bargain with Yama For the life of your spouse. Your name means victory… You are victorious over the many petty thoughts And failings which the rest of us have. My dearest friend…you are more than I can ever understand. I wish there was a way I could take some of your pain and your tiredness. But I stand near you, helpless…and just watch you suffer. Beloved friend, you are the sister I never had… I wish I could take away your difficulties And give you the life of happiness that you deserve. Life…has not been fair to you: And yet, you never complain, but go about each day Coping, managing…and smiling when you can.