The games Kalyan plays, 200416

April 23, 2016

It’s very difficult to get videos of Kalyan, as he’s too fast for me, and the ambient noise with two children is always too high!

But I finally got him with his Tangram, which he’s quite good at.


He started putting the pieces that matched the shapes.


There was a victorious cackle:


And then he proceeded to make the pieces into the shape of a “P”:

Another game he loves is hiding. “Kalyan engEy?” I must call out to the sofa and the suspicious-looking pillows. See…they are “armed”!


Then our hero shows himself, and I have to yell, “dOkkAnEy!” (abbreviation of “idho irukkAnEy” which means, “HERE he is!”


He’s an elf with personality plus!